Lowercase Studio

The Origin Story

January 2020 started like any other year in Miami:

Resolutions were made and then abandoned weeks later.
Office morale clinging to the morning coffee run.
Obnoxious streetcars, pausing conversations mid-sentence.
And the further widening of the gap between a perfect work-life balance.

For a long time, talks of a creative studio were always in the works for Jack Underwood and Steph Carrasco, two hopeful creatives from the tropical night-life city of Miami, Florida.

However, life in paradise isn’t always sunny.

Jack was a traveling music photographer struggling to find consistency, and Steph was juggling different positions for a promising start-up. They worked well past happy hour and never used their vacation days. Paychecks came and went, and life was an endless cycle of mundane routines.

The turning point came in the spring of 2020, in a direction nobody saw coming: COVID-19.

Jack was working as a social media manager for a sneaker boutique, and Steph was climbing the ladder as a junior art director when COVID-19 halted everything. What transpired over the next couple of weeks was eventually known as the lockdown, followed by a nationwide mandated curfew.

Hand sanitizer and toilet paper became a currency.
Amazon continued to become a powerhouse.
Zoom meetings and “working from home” became the new normal.
One hauntingly unifying experience shared by everyone all over the world.

The feeling of being alone never felt more communal.

By the end of spring, Jack’s freelance career went radio silent. He was furloughed and eventually let go from his day job. On the other hand, Steph was dealing with a very different beast. The start-up that she helped grow was at a stand-still, and her workload tripled, all while receiving a pay cut. Amidst the chaos, Steph made the hard but necessary decision to switch to freelance full-time.

Inside a desperate, barely furnished, newly moved-in apartment, with several guests living on the couch, Lowercase Studio was born. Had the pandemic not have happened, Lowercase would have overlooked the push it needed to exist.

Lowercase Studio is here to help local businesses, artists, and entrepreneurs create identity systems and brand strategies to build from, not towards. Its main focus is on the hospitality, music, and entertainment industries, but they love up-and-coming brands even better. Lowercase is the perfect blend between creativity and purpose — branding beyond aesthetics.



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